Elavarasan Bharati

Elavarasan Bharati

Junior Software Developer

Elavarasan, fondly called ‘Elaa’ is an Android Developer with InnoCirc Ventures and is one of the creative minds behind the programming of our digital products. He looks at designing, developing and testing software that not just meets, but exceeds user expectations.

After graduating from Veltech Multi Tech Engineering College, Elaa did Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering training from BSNL Chennai and then joined Netscape Consultants and Services. He then was part of the tech development team at NDTV Worldwide, before becoming part of InnoCirc Ventures.

Modest, hard-working and self-motivated Elaa is a champion at understanding computer capabilities and languages. He works effectively with the entire team and contributes to creating user friendly software. Coffee, cooking and researching are his hobbies.

Outside of office you can find Elaa penning lyrics and humming songs and when not building apps, he delves into projects to find the boundaries of his imagination. He hasn’t found that yet.