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The MyHealthcare Ecosystem


A full medical history is available on the app, not just to the patients but also to the doctor, family and caregiver. It offers convenience of booking appointments, test and medications.


All patient-related information available at their convenience, which includes easy access to past medical records and treatments, ensuring timely intervention and early recovery.


An integrated solution allowing quick access to emergency and paramedic services which allow targeted medical intervention that is critical during an emergency.


Integrating the platform with TPA’s and insurance companies alongside e-Wallets solves the problems related to billing uncertainty and speeds up claim processes.

MyHealthcare Features

Health Profiles

A complete medical history of the patient and his family members, information on health topics, doctors & hospitals available on the app.

Electronic Health Records

E-access to health records with information like tests reports, doctors prescription, previous hospital visits and diseases and conditions for ready reference.

Booking appointment and tests

This feature allows a person to book appointments with doctors based on specialties and timings and even make payments from within the app. Registered users can even schedule their tests using the app.


Doctors can save prescriptions on the mobile through the Hospitals’ HIS making it convenient for patients to order medication.

Health Trackers

This includes a wide spectrum of trackers including blood sugar tracker, pregnancy tracker, to blood pressure management. It offers a one-stop health data tracking through the app.

Emergency Services

Offers a big relief especially to new-age nuclear families and elderly patients. The Emergency workflow ensures that the hospital will get an intimation to dispatch the ambulance with relevant paramedics.

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