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The MyRetail Ecosystem


A subscription based platform, that is designed for multi-brand outlets to receive and analyse Big Data and send targeted deals & offers to customers. It also offers a fun shopping experience through a cardless loyalty programme.


Will receive customised offers and personalized notifications about their favorite stores. A smartly designed UI allows a mall like experience on their mobile itself. Get offers & deals, location based promotions, and membership to bespoke loyalty programmes.


The e-platform helps you pre-book cashless parking space, gives options for a car wash while you shop, GPS locator within the mall for stores and facilities, kids strollers, emergency helpline, etc. Allows shoppers to build-a-cart for their favorite products.

MyRetail Features

Customised Deals and Offers

A personalised experience for customers who receive deals and offers based on their personal shopping data. The programme is integrated with a Data Analytics engine that provides actionable insights from the customer data.

Rewards and Loyalty Programme

Besides shopping and booking tickets or tables at a restaurant, it becomes a one-stop shop for all your cards, points and reward programmes. The app is integrated and offers and real-time points earned/redeemed.

Cashless-Cardless Transactions

Eliminates the use of multiple loyalty cards by integrating it all into the app and allows it to be completely cardless with all transactions taking place on the mobile.


Based on the need and audience for the mobile platform, we make the app usage fun and engaging by using augmented reality to create games out of shopping experiences.

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