Sanjeeva KG

Sanjeeva KG

Team Lead, MyHealthcare SPINE

Sanjeeva loves to code. Period.

He’s a senior software developer at InnoCirc Ventures and says if you can imagine something, then it can become real-with a little help from designing and coding. He’s most excited when he sees ‘smart and beautiful code’ which according to him is very hard to accomplish.

As an avid software developer, Sanjeeva believes that even with all the tech savvy products in the digital world, we’ve only just touched the surface of the endless possibilities.

He is passionate about everything related to web development and when you don’t see him coding, you will find him following up on the most recent changes in web development. Or else, he’s discussing new technologies, coding practices and methods with other programmers. ((We told you he loves to code))

Sanjeeva passed out with a B.Tech degree in Information Technology and was at GraspSkills and NDTV Worldwide before joining our team. His best assets are his creativity, his passion for technology and most importantly, his skills at bringing the two together.