Shyatto Raha

Shyatto Raha

Founder & CEO

Meet our team leader – Shyatto Raha. From our day-to-day operations to critical business decisions, Shyatto takes charge with intelligence, resourcefulness and good humour.

Shyatto’s experience in business strategy spans the Indian Sub-Continent, South East Asia and the Middle East. He has been a broadcast professional for over 20 years, working with organisations such as NDTV Group and Astro Networks (Malaysia and Indonesia). Shyatto created NDTV’s first services division, which launched and managed successful media business operations across Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Dubai, Kuwait and India.

As an entrepreneur, he co-founded, an online retail platform offering the best of Indian fashion. Combining customer and digital experience, Shyatto focussed on building a mobile based healthcare ecosystem called MyHealthcare as its Founder. An alumnus of the Harvard Business School, he says the Advanced Management Program turned his view of what it takes to build a successful business. In his words, “It was a fresh start of innovation at my workplace and continues to be an integral part of our growth story at InnoCirc Ventures.”

His mind does not sleep – he is always thinking of the next big idea for InnoCirc Ventures. One can often hear him say – think big guys! Shyatto loves to argue a good debate and enjoys spending time with the team debating, brainstorming for new ideas.

He is a F1 enthusiast, loves playing on flight simulators and is a gadget freak!