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Have You Tried These WhatsApp Features Yet?

Rongana Nath

Just some features we love using!

1.Live location sharing

The newest update cuts short on constantly updating someone about your current location and lets you share it live so that they can track you easily. 15 minutes, 1 hour, and
8 hours—you can choose between any of these time frames for the live tracking to last. To enable this feature, you need to update the latest version of Whatsapp.
All set? Open any chat>tap attach icon>location>share live location. There you go!

2.Add filters to pictures

This new feature makes Whatsapp the new Instagram. Before sending your picture, you can browse through the filters to make your picture look nicer, funkier or cooler. Though the number of filters is restricted to five at the moment, they do look good.

3.Listen to voice messages without earphones

Don’t we all look for our earphones or headphones when a voice message pops up? But now you can place your phone on your ear, just like the way you answer a call and listen to the voice message secretly. Just remember to turn on the message and immediately bring it close to your ear.

4.Send messages through Google Assistant or Siri

If you are too tired to type a message, just say it!
Step 1: Say “Ok Google” (Android users) or “Hey Siri” (iOS users) to launch the assistant
Step 2: Say “Send a message to on WhatsApp”
Step 3: Say what you want to send.
Step 4: Say “Yes” or “Send it” to send the message after confirming the message content.

5.Add a chat shortcut to homescreen

To enable this, press and hold the individual chat that you want on your homescreen and select the Add Conversation Shortcut option. The icon of the person’s profile picture will appear on your homescreen which will make it convenient for you to chat with the person by simply tapping their name icon. This feature is limited to Android users only.

6.Hide notification preview

It’s annoying how anyone who is using your phone can read a preview of your Whatsapp messages, right? To avoid this, iPhone users can directly go to WhatsApp Settings>Notifications>Show Preview and disable it. Android users have no such internal option but you can head to Android Settings>Notifications>Notification Settings and select Hide sensitive notification content from the option. But doing this will disable previews from other messaging apps as well.

7.Pin chats

With this update, you can pin your favourite contact on the top of the chat list. It saves you from the task of scrolling up and down or searching the person from your chat list.

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Have You Tried These WhatsApp Features Yet?