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by Rongana Nath

Breakfast! The Non-Negotiable Meal

Rongana Nath

You may have heard it before, but we are saying it again. No one should miss the first and most important meal of the entire day, also commonly known as breakfast. And here’s why!

Provides Energy

After fasting overnight, breakfast helps restore the blood glucose/sugar levels. Glucose plays a vital role in providing the body with the energy it needs to get through the day. If the glucose levels are not normal, the body is low on energy. It is important to start the day with protein and carbs. Carbs create glucose and energy while proteins help in feeling full until lunchtime.


Curbs Sugar Craving and Controls Appetite

What one eats at the beginning of the day controls blood sugar levels. The blood sugar increases slightly after breakfast which the body cells absorb in the next few hours, providing fuel to the body to function properly. Skipping breakfast activates the hunger hormones which can make a person overeat and also go for unhealthy and sugary foods as a quick bite.

Improves Concentration

When the body is powered up, the brain regains concentration and alertness. It also improves mood and decreases stress levels. No breakfast can make a person feel fuzzy as the brain is deprived of the right nutrients to get started in the morning.

 What to Eat?



What Not to Eat?







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Breakfast! The Non-Negotiable Meal