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By Rongana Nath

The Festive Season is Upon Us. Don’t Lose Sleep

The Festive Season is Upon Us. Don’t Lose Sleep

Rongana Nath

The festive season brings late night partying, binge eating and one of the first casualties during this time is sleep. Missing out on adequate hours of sleep has its own set of consequences on the body. According to doctors, it is essential for adults to sleep for 8 hours and there are various important reasons behind it.

  • The body recuperates during sleep.
  • Concentration and productivity increases.
  • The immune system function improves.
  • The risks of heart disease and stroke decreases.

Children who are often part of the festivities and might want to stay up late into the night, should rest for approximately 10-12 hours.

Less Sleep and Health Issues

Sleep unfolds in three stages—N1, N2, and N3 which are the normal sleep cycles. If one fails to enter the N3 phase, the deep sleep stage, they do not feel fresh in the morning. A sleep-deprived person often feels groggy and inactive in the morning, yawns frequently and suffers from loss of concentration.

According to doctors, a sleep-deprived person can fall asleep any time which can lead to work injuries and accidents, especially if they are driving or involved in hard labour. Prolonged lack of sleep is also known to shoot up the heart rate and blood pressure amongst other health concerns.

  • With sleep deprivation, the brain cells fail to communicate properly, affecting the ability to make decisions.
  • When less sleep impacts the blood pressure level, it increases the risk of heart diseases.
  • The kidney may not be affected directly but high blood pressure may trigger kidney malfunction.
  • Less sleep causes an imbalance in hormones controlling appetite, glucose and energy metabolism, which are secreted during sleep. Someone who is sleep-deprived is known to have decreased levels of leptin, a chemical which makes a person feel full and increased levels of ghrelin which triggers hunger. This leads to excess eating, leading to binge eating.
  • Inadequate sleep decreases the production of natural infection-fighting substances like cytokines which makes the immune system weak.


The Solution

Doctors suggest following ‘sleep hygiene’ which refers to some healthy practices that help a person sleep better. Sleep Hygiene is difficult to practice during festivals but still must be done

  • No rigorous activities up to a few hours before sleep time.
  • Switch off electronic devices a few hours before going to bed. Using mobile phones in a dark room can cause deterioration of the eyes.
  • No heavy meals up to 3 hours before sleeping.
  • Listening to light music or reading a book is a good way to fall asleep.


Source: Dr Bornali Datta, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Medanta
Images courtesy: Pixabay, Freepik

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Have You Tried These WhatsApp Features Yet?

Have You Tried These WhatsApp Features Yet?

Rongana Nath

Just some features we love using!

1.Live location sharing

The newest update cuts short on constantly updating someone about your current location and lets you share it live so that they can track you easily. 15 minutes, 1 hour, and
8 hours—you can choose between any of these time frames for the live tracking to last. To enable this feature, you need to update the latest version of Whatsapp.
All set? Open any chat>tap attach icon>location>share live location. There you go!

2.Add filters to pictures

This new feature makes Whatsapp the new Instagram. Before sending your picture, you can browse through the filters to make your picture look nicer, funkier or cooler. Though the number of filters is restricted to five at the moment, they do look good.

3.Listen to voice messages without earphones

Don’t we all look for our earphones or headphones when a voice message pops up? But now you can place your phone on your ear, just like the way you answer a call and listen to the voice message secretly. Just remember to turn on the message and immediately bring it close to your ear.

4.Send messages through Google Assistant or Siri

If you are too tired to type a message, just say it!
Step 1: Say “Ok Google” (Android users) or “Hey Siri” (iOS users) to launch the assistant
Step 2: Say “Send a message to on WhatsApp”
Step 3: Say what you want to send.
Step 4: Say “Yes” or “Send it” to send the message after confirming the message content.

5.Add a chat shortcut to homescreen

To enable this, press and hold the individual chat that you want on your homescreen and select the Add Conversation Shortcut option. The icon of the person’s profile picture will appear on your homescreen which will make it convenient for you to chat with the person by simply tapping their name icon. This feature is limited to Android users only.

6.Hide notification preview

It’s annoying how anyone who is using your phone can read a preview of your Whatsapp messages, right? To avoid this, iPhone users can directly go to WhatsApp Settings>Notifications>Show Preview and disable it. Android users have no such internal option but you can head to Android Settings>Notifications>Notification Settings and select Hide sensitive notification content from the option. But doing this will disable previews from other messaging apps as well.

7.Pin chats

With this update, you can pin your favourite contact on the top of the chat list. It saves you from the task of scrolling up and down or searching the person from your chat list.

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Healthy Foods That Help in Fighting Air Pollution

Healthy Foods That Help in Fighting Air Pollution

Rongana Nath

The air quality outside has already started getting from bad to worse. In such times, you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle and most importantly maintain a healthy diet. There are some foods which are known to protect you from the harmful effects of air pollution by detoxifying the body. With regular intake, these foods will help you on a long-term basis. Here are some of them.


Broccoli is a super food and a study revealed that eating 150 grams of broccoli every day can help the body flush out the toxic pollutants

Image Source: Pixabay

Vitamin C

Tomatoes, citrus fruits, berries, and peas are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Foods enriched with Vitamin C act should be consumed regularly as they are the most powerful antioxidant for the body.

Image Source: Pixabay


Ginger is full of anti-inflammatory elements and can be added to foods and drinks. It gives the natural ability to fight environmental stressors like air pollution.

Image Source: Pixabay

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are high fibre superfoods that not only make you healthier but also protects the body from air pollutants.

Image Source: Pixabay


Turmeric itself acts as a medicine. An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, it can take care of basic respiratory ailments and protect the lungs.

Image Source: Pixabay

These foods when combined with regular exercises, adequate rest, pranayama and drinking adequate water, can result in a solid protection from the air pollution.

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Five Video Games That Disappointed Gamers

Five Video Games That Disappointed Gamers

Rongana Nath

Video games are known to transport you to a different universe.  You walk, you talk, go on missions, you fight, and you have a new identity in a whole new world. But often, some videos games leave gamers high with excitement before the release date of the game, and dry after they play it.

Now these five games may have been commercial hits for the pre-release hype but gamers were not impressed!


Image Source: YouTube

Not one or two, there were several reasons why Destiny failed. First, games are interesting if it has an engaging storyline. According to Feifei Wang a gamer, the multiplayer first-person shooter game, hardly had a background story. She also says that the game didn’t have a mini-map for the gamers to explore the beautiful yet lifeless land which made the journey tiresome and she ended up in the same place, time and again. Also, lack of cool rewards after beating the mighty bosses proved to be boring.

The Order 1886

Image Source: YouTube

The Order 1886 is a beautiful game with spectacular animation, meaty characters, good voiceover, and a decent backstory. But according to Gaming and TV website We Got This Covered, it has countless cut-scenes which the player is forced to watch without any interaction. Also, none of the player’s action changes the course of the game. The lack of excitement and challenges are other big factors. The player stays put to one location most of the time till it kills every single one from the sea of enemies.

No Man’s Sky

Image Source: PlayStation

No Man’s Sky released last year and disappointed. The game could have been a huge hit critically after its mind-blowing trailer and the pre-release hype about its wonderful features. But post-release, the scenario changed. “When it finally launched in August, it was a perfectly pleasant little exploration game, but it was missing so many features included in trailers, interviews and demos that expectant fans were understandably miffed,” writes a fan named Kirk Hamilton.

Watch Dogs

Image Source: YouTube

Watch Dogs was maybe the most awaited game of 2014. What the gamers disliked about the game was Ubisoft, the developer, playing the old trick card. According to, an uninteresting storyline, unresponsive controls, and tedious missions kept the gamers complaining. And yes, in the game, the player could shoot the pedestrians but could not hurt them with bare hands…now that’s not how an action game should be.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Image Source: YouTube

The fans mostly gave it thumbs down because the final product looked very different from the fascinating demo that the game developer Gearbox revealed a year ago from its final release in 2013. An article at We Got This Covered also said that there was a huge price tag that many couldn’t afford to splurge.

Have you played these games? Which of them did you dislike the most? Let us know in the comment section.

By khushboo Begwani

The iPhone That Stole The Show


Twishaa Tandon


Steve Jobs once said, “One of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there.”  Also making it to Tim Cook’s opening quote at the Apple event held on Tuesday evening, these lines couldn’t have been picked better to prepare the audience for what was to come, that is, the iPhone X.

Ten years after Steve Jobs introduced the first internet connected smartphone to an awestruck world, came the iPhone X (pronounced as ‘iPhone ten’) that does greater fan service as the “future of smartphones.”

The iPhone X is a clean break from its predecessors and here are the highlights of what it has to offer-


  • A Brand-New Design

With the home button gone, the iPhone X has an edge to edge display. It has a glass front and back. The glass has a deeper strengthening layer making it, what Apple claims is, a durable smartphone.


  • OLED Display

Benefits like more accurate colours and better image uniformity come with Apple’s first ever introduction of the OLED screen in the iPhone series. Calling it a Super Retina display, the iPhone X supports 2046×1125 resolution and HDR in both Dolby Vision and HDR


  • Face ID

Since the home button is gone, Face ID will give users access to their iPhones. Apple claims this new feature makes the iPhone X more secure and convenient for use. Besides unlocking the iPhone, the Face ID performs other functions like it can check if you’re using the phone before shutting off the screen. It won’t play loud alert sounds if it senses you’re looking at it. Animated emojis, called animojis, will also, make use of Face ID to lay user expressions onto emojis and give them a unique look.


  • Superior Camera

Always one of iPhone’s standout features, the camera this time around only gets better. The rear camera features a 12-megapixel sensor, with dual-lenses at f1.8 and f2.4 apertures. The exciting introduction to the camera is the Portrait Lighting that lets users select lighting effects. So, users can now, tweak the flash to make the picture lighting look more natural. Video have faster frame rate support and 4K capture. The iPhone lets users capture a slow-motion film in HD.


  • Improved Battery

Apple claims that the iPhone X’s battery will last 2 hours longer than its predecessors’. Wireless charging technology enters mainstream technology with Apple adopting it for the iPhone X. Bid goodbye to plugging the iPhone to a charger. Users will now, just lay their iPhone X on an inductive pad, called AirPower, that can charge iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.


  • Higher Efficiency

With the iPhone’s A11 Bionic and 3 gigs of RAM, users can expect better efficiency. It probably also, needs all that power to work all its new features like the Super Retina Display.


In India, a 64GB iPhone X costs INR 89,000 and Apple will offer a 256GB version of the iPhone too that will cost INR 1,02,000.

By khushboo Begwani

How to Prevent Age-related Macular Degeneration?

How to Prevent Age-related Macular Degeneration?

Twishaa Tandon


Macular Degeneration is an incurable eye disease, which usually afflicts people over the age of 70. It is a leading cause of vision loss, more than cataracts and glaucoma combined (American Macular Degeneration Foundation).
A study concluded that 8·7% of the worldwide population has age-related macular degeneration, and the projected number of people with the disease is around 196 million in 2020 which will increase to 288 million in 2040 (Wan Ling Wong*)
The degeneration takes place when the central portion of the retina, responsible for recording images and sending them to the brain, deteriorates. The central portion is called the macula and controls our ability to read, identify faces or colours and see objects in detail.

This is what a person with the disease may see.


There are two types of Macular Degeneration. The “dry” kind is the common one, while the “wet” is comparatively rarer. A person afflicted with the disease will go through three stages- early, intermediate and late. Symptoms do not show in the early stage, but vision loss starts to increase as a person moves from the intermediate to late stage. Not much is known about what the cause of the disease is, but it can be said that causes include both heredity and environment.
The good news is that it can be prevented!
Here’s what you can do to reduce the risk of Macular Degeneration when you get older.
1. Quit smoking  


2. Add dark, leafy green vegetables to your diet 


3. Based on your doctor’s advice, take a balanced multivitamin/multimineral supplement


4. Eat fish or take a fish oil supplement


5. Maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly


6. Make eating fruits and nuts a habit


7. Limit your intake of high-glycemic index foods, like donuts and mashed potato


8. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control


9. Wear sunglasses outdoors to block UV and blue light


10. Get your eyes checked regularly


American Macular Degeneration Foundation. n.d. 31 May 2017.
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By khushboo Begwani

Medanta’s Kidney and Urology Institute

A patient walking into Medanta’s Kidney and Urology Institute, gets a comprehensive health care in terms of renal disease under one roof, starting from medical to surgical aspect of the disease.

By khushboo Begwani

Food That Helps People with Bipolar Disorder

Food That Helps People with Bipolar Disorder

Twishaa Tandon
Also known as manic-depressive illness, Bipolar disorder causes shifts in a person’s mood, energy and ability to function. People with bipolar disorder swing between different emotional states that are known as mood episodes. There are 3 kinds of mood episodes- manic, depressive and hypomanic. Lying on one end of the scale is manic episodes, characterized by “up,” and energized behaviour. A less severe form of manic episodes is hypomanic which does not last as long. Depressive episodes lie at the other extreme of the scale, during which a person can experience hopelessness and sadness.

The good news is that people with the disorder can be treated and they can go on to live full and healthy lives. Treatment usually includes a combination of psychotherapy and medication. One of the most commonly used mood stabilizers is valproate, however, treatment with lithium has proven to be generally more effective than valproate. Most doctors prescribe drugs that contain lithium, but there are some foods that can naturally increase the intake of the metal without any side-effects.

  1. Shrimp, lobster, oysters and scallops


2. Beans, lentils, chickpeas and soybeans


3. Milk


4. Eggs


5. Mushrooms


6. Cucumber


7. Tomato


Caution must be exercised when consuming lithium. Although natural sources of the mineral usually do not cause any harm, an overdose of lithium can cause rapid heart rate, weakness and lower cognitive processing. The disorder is not the same for everybody, so doctors are the best people to consult for a treatment plan. No medication must be taken without a prescription from the doctor.



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Review By: Ranna Parekh, M.D., M.P.H. “What Are Bipolar Disorders?” January 2017. American Psychiatric Association.

By khushboo Begwani

6 Android O Features to Look Forward To

6 Android O Features to Look Forward To

Rongana Nath


After Kitkat, Marshmallow, and Nougat, Android continues to keep it sweet with its recent update, Oreo. This new version offers some promising features that take user experience a notch higher. You’re in luck if you have a Pixel or Nexus phone because you’ll receive the update first. Others, however, may have to wait till the end of this year.

Here are 6 features you will look forward to-


  1. Picture-in-picture mode

As a feature that’s still missing in iPhones, the PiP gives Android phones an edge over their iOS counterparts. You can now ditch the habit of switching from app to app while watching videos. Minimize it and let the video float on your screen, while you continue doing other important tasks at hand.


  1. Battery life

Get greater freedom from the charger! According to a report in Wired, the update increases battery life by automatically limiting what an app can do when it is open in the background. This will restrain data use in an app that is not the main one being used.


  1. Auto fill APIs

Tired of typing the same information over and over? Well you won’t have to anymore! Apps will have the ability to automatically fill in your information (username, email id and password) for a seamless interaction.


  1. Manage notifications like a pro

Android is only now getting what iOS had since the first iPhone- the tiny dot on the screen. With this update, you’ll find a small dot in the top right corner of your screen. A long press will show you a display of several tasks. You can also, snooze notifications based on your convenience.


  1. Instant Apps

Experience what you love about apps without having to install them! This is probably the most exciting feature in recent years. It works well for both, users and developers. Users get to try out news apps and developers can showcase the most exciting features of their apps. It already works for Android 6.0 and up, but the feature is enabled by default in Android Oreo.


  1. Improved security

You may have to worry less about downloading viruses with Google Play Protect, which automatically scans apps and the rest of the system. Google Play Protect is also, part of an initiative to differentiate devices that are certified by Google from those that are not. So, if you don’t find the green Google Play Protect logo on your phone’s packaging, you’ll know yours is not a certified Android device.




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Photo Credits: Freepik, Stocksnap, Unsplash, Graphicburger, Pixabay
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