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A platform that helps schools communicate with its teachers, students and parents 



The MySchool Ecosystem


Allows teachers to stay connected with students even after school hours, communicate with parents and manage the curriculum with efficiently through a smartly designed backend.


Helps parents stay updated with the child’s school journey, their academic progress and reminders for daily, monthly and yearly activities including fee payment and bus tracking.


Enables students to plan their studies, assignments and school activities while staying in touch with their teachers and schools. Helping them organise their day and manage the time better.


An environment friendly paperless communication system which makes it easy for the school administration to send timely customised alerts to parents and children.

MySchool Features

Centralised Information

A one-point place for everyone to store and share information. Save dates, timetables, assignments, progress reports, circulars and more.

Sharing Assignments

All information coming from the school and the admin can be shared with the students with a click of a button.

Progress Tracking

Allows for teachers and parents to keep a track of the progress made by the children across classes.

100% Paperless

Helps the school become paperless with reduced need for printing circulars, forms, and other documents.

No Parallel Systems of Communication

The school remains in charge of all communication sent out and eliminates the need for unmonitored chat groups made by anxious parents.

Real Time Bus Tracking

The app eliminates the stress out of tracking bus routes and allows for real time location tracking.

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