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By khushboo Begwani

Election Services – Azam TV, Tanzania


Azam Media, a part of the Bakhresa Group, is one of the largest media houses in Tanzania, with four channels broadcasting 24 hours a day. Since Tanzania was going to elections, Azam Media signed with our team as its partner to design and develop its elections graphics, which were automated and linked to a historical and live database.

Our Role

We undertook the mammoth task of gathering all the historical data of the elections in Tanzania and Zanzibar, thus making Azam Media Group the place for elections in Tanzania, with the largest elections database. Once that was done we also did the following-

  • Graphics Designs
  • Set Designs
  • Team Workflow Management
  • Software Development
  • Training workshops for reporters, anchors and editorial
  • Live Results Coverage on TV
  • State-of-the-art Touchscreen and Augmented Reality Graphics.

This collaboration helped Azam Media expand its election coverage, not only during live events, but also helped them delve deeper into election analysis.


By admin

Citizen TV, Kenya


Royal Media Services is the industry leader when it comes to media in Kenya. RMS is an umbrella of fourteen radio and 2 television stations that cover different groups of the diverse Kenyan communities.
Citizen TV has grown to be the country’s most popular in terms of audience preference, commanding an impressive 64% of television audience.

Our Role

Our design team was tasked to create a fresh look-and-feel for the flagship channel, Citizen TV. The client was keen to have a clean, sophisticated and modern look that would complement their brand colours. We rebranded the entire channel – which included

  • Logo Design
  • Channel Identity
  • Show Titles
  • Lower Thirds & Breaking News
  • All packaging elements across the channel
Photo Credits: Freepik, Stocksnap, Unsplash, Graphicburger, Pixabay
Election Services – Azam TV, Tanzania
Citizen TV, Kenya