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By khushboo Begwani

Matahari Loyalty App, Indonesia


PT Matahari Department Store Tbk is Indonesia’s foremost retailer of affordable fashion, accessories, beauty products and homeware. In the past, as a part of their loyalty programme, the stores offered different types of loyalty cards to customers. These were traditional plastic cards with magnetic strips that had to be carried by the customer while making a purchase at the store.

Our team was chosen to design and develop an ALL-IN-ONE Loyalty App that replaced the old-fashioned physical cards.

Our Solution

We designed and developed this loyalty app that helped customers avail the benefits of the store, earn rewards on every purchase as well as redeem points while buying new products.

All of this at just the touch of a button instead of with a physical card. This was integrated with the customers’ existing loyalty points and benefits, thereby ensuring that the move was seamless for both the company and the customer.

There have been more than 225,000 downloads of this app in the Google Play Store in less than a year.

What Was Unique

–  Listing of promos/offers/benefits

The backend Content Management System (CMS) gave the Matahari team the facility to promote offers and benefits through the app instantly. The app showcases the latest offers and benefits on the landing page.

–  Listing of Different Merchants category-wise

The app also has a unique feature of listing all the merchants and merchandise under various categories while a quick search enables the customers to browse through the available products easily.

–  Fashion News

Matahari can upload fashion news for their customers to read on the app.

– Referral programmes

The app offers options for referral programmes so as to increase their customer base.

–  Social media integration

Strong social media integration and latest fashion news ensures an enhanced user experience and retention.

–  Matahari Store Locator

The app users can also search for Matahari departmental stores near their current location.

By khushboo Begwani

Astro Awani, Malaysia


As Astro Awani- Malaysia’s first 24×7 news channel- expanded its presence digitally, we believed that we could help them realise their goals by offering our knowledge of the Malaysian news market, as well as our global expertise in setting up and managing its digital media properties.

The brand new Astro Awani News app offers customised push notifications, offline caching for news and images and a dedicated notification hub.

Our Role

From UX strategies to wire-framing and designing and developing the app, we have driven every aspect alongside the teams from Astro Awani. Some of the unique features of the app included:

  • NOTIFICATIONS – Smart Alerts that notify readers of Breaking News and stories that matter to them.
  • PERSONALISATION: Customisable screens, videos and articles.
  • STICKY VIDEO: Allowed viewers to continue watching video, while scrolling through stories and content.
  • OFFLINE READING: Favourite stories can be bookmarked for offline reading.

By khushboo Begwani

Siloam Hospital, Indonesia


Siloam Hospitals Group (Siloam) is Indonesia’s most progressive and innovative healthcare provider that has set the benchmark for high quality healthcare services in Indonesia. Siloam’s medical team of 400 general practitioners, 1,500 specialised doctors, 7,200 nurses, allied health, technicians, and support staff, offer contemporary healthcare to nearly two million patients annually.

Our Role

Our team was engaged with Siloam Hospitals for multiple products and services. We have designed and developed the apps with end to end integration of Siloam Hospitals. The UI-UX strategy for the apps allows for quick booking of appointments, scheduling tests or finding doctors. A unique feature of the app is VIDEO CALLING between the doctor and the patient. Using the app, the patient can select doctors and see the available dates and available time slots.


4 different apps were developed for Siloam.

Patient iOS app

Patient Android app

Doctor Android (tablet only) app

Admin Android (tablet only) app


We also integrated 8 of Siloam’s Hospital Information Systems (HIS) systems where the admin can control and monitor doctor activities for e.g.: approving of appointments, monitoring of chat etc.

What Makes 1Health Unique?

Besides a quick booking of appointments and tests, an intelligent ticketing system built into the online appointment module allows for MIS reports to be generated displaying the number of appointments requested, pending requests and those responded to.

Optimised for SEO with deep page interlinking, URL structure, footer and content keywords, it is designed to leverage upon the growing trend of searches on healthcare.

The portal also functions as a vast repository of information, knowledge and functionality tied in seamlessly.


By admin

Drama Sangat, Malaysia


The Media Prima group is a leading fully-integrated media company in Malaysia.

With a complete repertoire of media-related businesses in Television, Print, Radio, Out-of-Home, as well as Content and Digital Media, Media Prima, is also one of Malaysia’s Top 100 largest listed companies by revenue. Media Prima Digital (MPD) spearheads innovation, digital marketing and technology within the Media Prima Group.

With the increasing demand and a growing trend for mobile application and games, MPD has established Media Prima Labs (MPLabs) to spur the Group’s growth in the field by leveraging on unique intellectual properties, such as Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan, Joran, Ejen Ali and many more of their drama and entertainment shows. Our team was engaged to design and develop a content app for promoting and listing the entertainment programs, offering celebrity information and allowing fans to comment on their favourite celebrities through this platform.

Our Role

Having worked extensively in the Malaysian market and researching the entertainment industry, we designed an app that became the one-stop-shop for entertainment and drama listings. The app enables people to –

  • View trailers and exclusive clips of favourite shows
  • See and read episode synopsis
  • Read Entertainment news and gossip
  • Get information on all the famous and favourite celebrities
  • Comment and send wishes to celebrities
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Matahari Loyalty App, Indonesia
Astro Awani, Malaysia
Siloam Hospital, Indonesia
Drama Sangat, Malaysia